Vision & Mission

Wake Forest:
The Collegiate University

Strategic Plan Vision and Mission Statements



Wake Forest University aspires to:

  • Emphasize exceptional teaching, discovery, and student engagement within a dynamic academic community;
  • Integrate the intimacy of an undergraduate liberal arts college with the academic vitality of a research university;
  • Become a crossroads of discussion on the important national and international issues of our time;
  • Attract a diverse community of the brightest educators and students from throughout the country and the world;
  • Link intellectual curiosity, moral reflection and a commitment to service, shaping ethically informed leaders to serve humanity.



Wake Forest is a distinctive university that combines a liberal arts core with graduate and professional schools and innovative research programs. The University embraces the teacher-scholar ideal, prizing personal interaction between students and faculty. It is a place where exceptional teaching, fundamental research and discovery, and the engagement of faculty and students in the classroom and the laboratory are paramount.

The University continues to fulfill its ideal of a more diverse learning community, providing students an example of the world they will be called upon to lead. The University sustains a vibrant residential community with a broad-based program of service and extracurricular activities. The University recognizes the benefits of intercollegiate athletics conducted with integrity and at the highest level.

Central to its mission, the University believes in the development of the whole person – intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical. From its rich religious heritage, Wake Forest is committed to sustaining an environment where vital beliefs and faith traditions can engage secular thought in a climate of academic freedom and an unfettered search for truth. The University embraces the challenges of religious pluralism.

While national in scope, the university has been shaped by a culture that is distinctively North Carolinian. This history provides it with a sense of place and community responsibility. In extending its reach, the University has made a priority of international study and international understanding. Wake Forest seeks to be a place where a vibrant and diverse learning community weds knowledge, experiences and service that lift the human spirit.